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  • Category: the card game.
  • Rating: 4,89,856+ rating
  • Offered by: Riot games, Inc.
  • Size/ Rating: 102MB, 4.6/5.
  • Requirement: Android, ios, windows.
  • Downloaders: 10,000,000+ downloaders

Legends of Runeterra(LoR) is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Riot Games. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, mobile operating systems, and Android.

Download and install Legends of Runeterra v02.10.013 for android, it has a very exciting gameplay with effects, graphics, and cool music.


Legends of Runeterra(LoR) is a 2020 digital card game developed and published by Riot Games. The developers sought to create a game within some genre that significantly lowered the barrier to entry, this game was published in April 2020. The game has been free to play this card game, and this card game is monetized through purchasable cosmetics, the game is available for android, ios and windows for download for free.

Legends of RUNETERRA match image

The riot games were quick to make their new card game, Legends of Runeterra, available to play to a select number of players following its release last night. The card game is downloaded on the official site go on the google play store and download this game for android and the players are pre-registers to play this game you have a chance to play the game in the first short preview patch.

For trial play, this game goes to download for beta test and it’s also available to download PC and android version make sure your android device is up to 5+ version then download this game for free.


To play this game choose from dozens of champion cards to include in your deck, you have many different machines inspired by the original league matches abilities. And dynamic, alternating gameplay means you can always react and counter, choose the opponent and play this game properly.

The players have many powerful cars because the game depends on cards and the game is so interesting to play. This game is a card-based game every player has no good android devices. The champions enter the battle with powerful cards, you can play this game to increase the level up, level up your champions multiple times in-game to earn champion mastery.


In the Legends of Runeterra game, every champion and ally in-game comes from a region of runeterra including Demacia, Noxus, piltover Zaun, Ionia, and shadow isles.

Legends of RUNETERRA download

You have full control over this game and explore this game. Different champions and regions work together to give you unique adventures against your opponents. This game is a new release of always-evolving meta and experiments.  


This game is launched every month new session, 1100+ qualified players the players are playing this game with multiples like as (America and Europe, and the southeast area) is able to complete the match and win this game this fame is playing with internet without internet connection you are not able to play this game.

A cash prize in the seasonal tournaments, you can also run the last chance gauntlet. Are limited-time competitive modes with unique rules and exclusive rewards.


Playing a match and earning a card and updating the cards after updating your card is very powerful. You are able to play matches for free. You are in control of your card collection, you are never playing redeem packs of cards, there is always this option to purchase specific cards, you are collecting the best cards for the matches.

Victory or defeat everything depends on you and each battle brings experience and progress and progress, choose the region you want to explore first and unlock allies, spells, and champions that call to you.


Legends of Runeterra is a digital collection of card games played one version one. The match starts. Both players have 20 health points, the first to fall zero losses. In the match, players have contained 4 cards for playing this game, which they may trade away for another random card from their deck. For playing time each round both players draw a card, cards are played by spending mana players bring with zero mana, and gain an additional mana crystal per round up to a maximum of ten.

Legends of Runeterra in mauntain places

A maximum of three unspent mana is stored automatically at the end of round spell mana, this can be used in a round of the cast spells but cannot summon unit cards. This game uses the best game features and ultimate best graphics and one of the game distinguishing features is its combat pacing, players have a game each turn to play and for the attack, you will use token passes to other players, same cards enable players to attack when they do not have attack token. The cards, like units, pass priority over to their opponent. 


In the Legends of Runeterra, one card from up to two regions has a distinct style of play and identity, unlike other trading games. There are no natural cards that can be used in every duck, upon the game initial release date 2020, in this game three types of cards: champions, followers, and spell champion cards are payable characters from Legends of Runeterra these cards are unique in the game because these cards have level is very good, and leveling a champion transforms the cards- and al copies of it the payable deck- into powerful version cards and unique cards.

You have a number representing their attack and health strategy for playing this game is better, play this game with your opponent you attack first and look how match attacks a unit to either the nexus or its blocker, health reflect the maximum damage a card taken before being removed from play, spell the cards have a speed, There are three speeds: slow, fast, and burst. The slow-speed spell cannot be played during active combat. Legends of Runeterra games good or not and legends of Runeterra decks builder.

The Legends of Runeterra game is the best and amazing card game with really good graphics, artwork, lore, and interesting matches, (LoR) also stands out in teams of value, there are no ads you can play this game without any difficulties and no action points, no loot crates. A fun, fast-paced card game packed with characters, the “nerf” they put on Azir/Irelia a nerf, it’s still pretty busted and I am using the deck. When the game is unbalanced it makes the game stale and less challenging.


The legends of Runeterra is a card game, offered by Riot games and the card game official website live and started letting players pre-registration for a chance to play the game in the first short preview patch.

legends of Runeterra natural beuty

Some players don’t have access to the legends of the Runeterra game and are waiting to download Riot’s green light game. In the first beta version test, the download is restricted to Pc and there is no official build for mac or android. How to legends of Runeterra download for Android.

  • Go on the given link to download this game
  • Click on the download button and download this game
  • After the downloading go for installation 
  • Completing the installation process sign up with any sites depend on you
  • Completing the full process then enjoy the game. 

For playing this game in an android version for required sam features, like version 5+ then you can able to download this game and, for playing time, the minimum system required is Up to 4 GB in android devices space is required.

For download android with Uptodown

For download this game with the official website.


Update: 14 June 2021

Size: 102MB

Install:10,000,000+ downloads

Current version: 02.10.013

Operating system: v5.0+and up, android, windows, ios.

Rating: 4.6/5

Author: Riot Games, Inc


legends of Runeterra download this game on your pc and android, Go to the official website and go to the link given below. In this game the same conditions are required to play this game, the condition is before downloading please check to your android device, the android devices are capable or not download this game, because for this game download a minimum of 5+ versions is required for downloading Legends of Runeterra.

legends of Runeterra adventure places

What’s new

Legends of Runeterra including new champion skins for Draven, Heimerdinger, Taric, and many thighs to play this game servey after downloading this game.

Full patch 2.10.0  note at This patch: In the store pool party personalization items –various bug fixes and improvements

Go download for PC play free



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